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If I were a tree, what kind of tree would I be?

A wizened oak tree, burdened with years my eyes never saw.

A willow tree, cascading waves of leaves tumbling down and swaying in the breeze.

A lanky birch tree, painted white pattern mottled, as leaves reach ever higher to the sky.

Would I be a paper tree?

Cut down, but living on in books, covered in ideas and stories.

Pages teaching lessons, but also life.

Would I be math homework? Scratch paper, scratched through with frustration.

Would I become a plane? …

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Last year, when COVID hit, my Nana was forced into retiring. She’d been working at the same place for around thirty five years, and was almost ready to retire anyway. I think she mostly kept working there for the few remaining coworkers that hadn’t changed or been let go. The other event that occurred in relation to COVID, was that her cleaning lady stopped coming. Fair enough with the pandemic, but I’m sure that after ten years my Nana would’ve liked to say goodbye.

Not only are these cookies delicious, they’re also somewhat healthier than a typical recipe! Through the substitution of several ingredients for their organic/less processed counterparts, you don’t have to feel as bad about eating several. I’ve been using this recipe for about ten years, and I honestly would not make chocolate chip cookies another way.

(Pictures of process included at the end, so they don’t interrupt the recipe.)

I find that this recipe divides nicely into twelve large cookies, with a fair allowance for extra ‘sampling’ cookie dough, but you can make them much smaller if you prefer them that…

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Games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing, The Sims (series), and Stardew Valley all range in the material they provide, but they each carry similar themes that I believe led to their recent surge/resurgence in popularity. During a pandemic, these games bring a reprieve of normalcy, with set routines and tasks that give a sense of structure.

There are five categories that each game can fit into:

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Setting boundaries with your family can be tough. It’s a different situation than creating them in a workplace or social environment, where you typically have either direct or unspoken cues. As challenging as it can be, it is a necessary part of becoming your own person instead of a replica of your other family members.

These boundaries become exponentially more important when dealing with relatives that you barely know, when they start demanding things of you and imposing on your life.

My grandmother, the wife of my aforementioned offensive grandfather in my article ‘Stuck in the Past, the Fear of…

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It is one thing to have not had any relationship with your grandfather over the course of your life, it is another to be told: “I’m sure that you consider yourself to be educated, informed and knowledgeable,” and further, “Speaking honestly however, I find that your judgement of others and their opinions could use a little more polish.” Each quote, an attempt to cut at my negative opinion of his many racially and socially aggressive posts on Facebook. Each, an attempt to put me in my place as a young woman. Now, this article is not to accuse all older…

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If you’ve been into almost any popular chain store lately, you’ve probably seen a Squishmallow. They’re sold at major retailers including Costco and Target, as well as more localized/smaller businesses. If by some miracle you haven’t seen a Squishmallow, they’re plush animals or creatures (and sometimes people) shaped like a mix between a sphere and an egg. They range in sizes from keychain to more than 24”. Also available, are branded Squishmallows, such as Star Wars favourites, Grogu, Chewbacca, R2D2, and BB-8, as well as Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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As a recent graduate, woooo class of 2020 (insert sad confetti), my life last year turned out vastly different from what I expected it to be. As everyone’s did. However, luckily enough, as the title would suggest, my life has been more easily adjusted to a pandemic state than most.

I was homeschooled, through distributed learning programs, for my full twelve years of education. My four years of high school I attended classes in person twice a week, and completed all of my work online. I had teachers for each class, and they marked everything like in public school. You…

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